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Hey! I’m Tice, the maker of Map My Tours. You might know me as TravelingTice on YouTube! I started making YouTube videos about my travels a couple years ago and really loved the idea of making a video every day of my (then) bike tours.

TravelingTice cycling in Denmark
Me cycling in Denmark

Then I got to know another YouTuber called JaYoe doing a similar thing, but then around the world! On his site he had quite a nice tour map where you could see exactly where he’s been and where he plans to go. You can find the map on

JaYoe Tour Map Preview
JaYoe's tour map

Little later I decided I wanted to learn how to code. So I did many courses online and even a bootcamp in Amsterdam for 2 months. Where I learnt all the ins and outs of how to create websites and web applications. During Covid I was very lucky to find a job as a programmer in the Netherlands.

At the side I kept working on my own projects, and Map My Tours became one of my hobby projects.

Because this project has just launched, I’d love to know what you think! How did you hear about Map My Tours? How do you like it? What would you like to create a map about. Feel free to send me an email at